Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can you keep a secret?

We have some big news....Can you keep our secret? I hope you will, because if you do you will reep all the rewards. Doesn't everyone love being fashion forward? If you've been struggling look no further, for you have found your fashion bible! A little birdie let me in on an enormous fashion secret, fall/winters 2012s megatrends! I am going to let you in on three trends that will be huge, and you read it here first ;) 
Big this season will be linear shapes with outlined forms, optical illusions and bold strips. Be the first ones to get these looks today!

Blocky compositions in primary hues are back!! Color blocking with outlined borders and geometric shapes with take over this new retro artistic trend. 

This trend has to give thanks to the circulatory system. The red lines make a simple white clothes pop! Use this print for embellishments in prints and even homeware.
Fall/Winter '12 Color Palette

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  1. Great color palette! Has that Cruise feeling! Love it!
    XO Carrie