Thursday, May 26, 2011

The top 10 most fashionable cities in the world

Recently we have been researching the top cities in the world with the most fashion sense. We have come up with 10 major cities, which have us so intrigued we want to visit them all! These cities include Budapest, Vienna, Delhi, Copenhagen, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, London, Milan and Tokyo.  We did huge research on two cities that no one would ever think of being fashionable, Budapest and Copenhagen.  So you must be thinking why go? Well today we will give a list of reason as to why you should put these two cities on your bucket list.

·         Budapest is a cornucopia of all things fashion; architecture and art make up this inspirational atmosphere.  Art Nouveau, Secessionism, Turkish and Baroque art play a big role in fashion in this awe-inspiring city.
·         The city has a huge bohemian vibe running through its veins; they have a secret scene of hipsters, artists and intellectuals.
·         The central shopping area has become a huge haven with worldwide retailers and brands, while self-sufficient boutiques are much harder to find and are usually scattered around the backstreets of the city, but are so worth the time and energy to search for!
·         Smoky bars are the heart of Budapest's appeal. These secret meeting spots have a huge impact on the fashion of this city. It is a local meeting spot for all creative young teens to be inspired and produce more fashionable ideas.


·         Denmark's charming capital Copenhagen is a great shopping destination for men’s, women’s and youth wear. Interior and architectural design all bring in a lot of huge inspiration for many fashion designers located here. In recent years young fashion has taken a huge turn in this booming city.
·         Many edgy designers like Henrik Vibskov, Stine Goya,Wood and Soulland use bold colors and many layers to appeal to Scandinavian street style for all the younger generations.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Can you keep a secret?

We have some big news....Can you keep our secret? I hope you will, because if you do you will reep all the rewards. Doesn't everyone love being fashion forward? If you've been struggling look no further, for you have found your fashion bible! A little birdie let me in on an enormous fashion secret, fall/winters 2012s megatrends! I am going to let you in on three trends that will be huge, and you read it here first ;) 
Big this season will be linear shapes with outlined forms, optical illusions and bold strips. Be the first ones to get these looks today!

Blocky compositions in primary hues are back!! Color blocking with outlined borders and geometric shapes with take over this new retro artistic trend. 

This trend has to give thanks to the circulatory system. The red lines make a simple white clothes pop! Use this print for embellishments in prints and even homeware.
Fall/Winter '12 Color Palette

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Treesje's blind date contest- Win a free Handbag!

The love between a woman and a handbag is complicated yet one of a kind. Different factors can lead women to do the unthinkable to obtain the unconditional love only a handbag can offer. We completely understand… after all, we’ve walked in your shoes (or heels) before. For that reason, Treesje has decided to play matchmaker for our fans since we happen to know a number of different handbags. Will you be one of the girls we match up on a blind date with a Treesje handbag? 
From now until Friday, we will post a daily clue on Twitter/Facebook to help you figure out the Los Angeles location of your blind date with a Treesje handbag

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Celebrating Audrey Hepburn's Birthday!

There are way to many words to describe the elegant Audrey Hepburn. She was a true inspiration to women of all ages. Not only was she an amazing actress she was also a humanitarian. Who did a great deal of volunteer work for UNICEF, and was appointed the great ambassador. Today we commemorate her 82nd, and take into consideration all the wonderful things she did before she passed away. This post is a reminder of how talented and beautiful Miss Hepburn was. She will never be forgotten in the eyes of the world and Hollywood. May you rest in peace.

Monday, May 2, 2011

What do you think of street art?

Recently I went to Melrose to check out the latest trend, which happens to be street art. I must say I fell in love with all the artwork. Even though many people think graffiti is defacing public property, I think its very inspirational. What do you think of this new phenomenon??