Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Autumn plays a heavy contender when it comes to our favorite season of the year. We live for layers, adore the changing of the foliage, and can't get enough of pumpkin-flavored everything. And who could resist the opportunity to dress like someone else the only time of year when it's appropriate? Halloween is around the corner, and we've been contemplating our options ever since the first turning of the leaves.

Always with a plethora of costuming options, Mother Monster aka Lady Gaga, is an easy choice for a showstopping outfit. Many of her infamous ensembles have huge DIY-potential... I'm thinking stogie stunna shades, hello kitty contacts, a rifle bustier, and maybe some caution tape. Or if you want to go in a less complex route, just throw on a red lace overlay, meat necklace, forgo the trousers and you're done! Easy, breezy.
american apparel lace tee, ashi dashi meat socks

Not sure if there are any Gleeks out there, but hands down my favorite female is none other than the bad ass coach with a stocked wardrobe full of stylish tracksuits, Sue Sylvester. Need I breakdown the costume materials for this one? Track suit, short blonde wig. Done. Or if you prefer brunette... a polo, some shorts, and bright red lipstick... Coach Beiste.
adidas track suit, cdg play polo, chanel lipstick

She brought back the poof... and short, tight, animal prints. Oh yes, I went there... without a doubt there will be a mini mob of Snooki's running around this Halloween. Join in on the fun! Grab a Bump It, a leopard skirt that you can throw on as a dress, and make a few (or more) trips to the tanning salon. Your friends will be calling you Snookies, Snickers, Snookers, Snooks... in no time!
bcbg max azria leopard skirt, bump its, clinique bronzer

Well... we've still got a couple more weeks left before making the big decision, so maybe we'll keep brainstorming. How about yall? Any clever costuming of note? We wanna hear it!

** Disclaimer: In no way are we supporting/encouraging smoking, fire arms, raw meat apparelling, pantslessness, bullying, excessive tanning, etc. in this post.

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